Pearly Pink Car Shampoo

Product Information

Pearly Pink High Foaming Car Shampoo

We have manufactured some of the worlds finest car shampoos known to man.

High Gloss ¦ Ultra Sudsing Action ¦ High-Tech Protection ¦ Cleans & Shines ¦ Gives High Beading Protection ¦ car shampoo

pH Neutral Car Wash, producing an amazing result without fail every time.

A small amount with the BIG attitude, easily removes dirt and grime build up adding a protective barrier to all surfaces each time building an awesome high gloss sheen on painted surfaces, cleans and makes glass sparkle.

Wax Tailors Car Shampoo is gentle on your paint work, but stubborn on dirt, helps remove the thickest of grime and dirt, leaving an awesome shine and protective layer on your paintwork as if you had just waxed it.

The feeling of the car shampoo while your using it is amazing a very nice thick creamy feel on your wash mitt as you glide it over the paint work, once dried you can buff the body work for an even deeper wet look shine if required.

The smell of the appricots from this car shampoo is something else, the aroma is amazing even after washing your vehicle the smell in the air is simply outstanding as if your car has just spent hours in the spa.