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Leather Protectors

We have some of the worlds finest leather conditioners and leather protectors.

Leather Protection Cream

The leather protection cream is suitable for use on all types of leather except suede and nubuck, it is great for aniline leathers because it repels stains, with aniline being an absorbant leather, the leather protectors will help prolong the life of your leather keeping it looking new much longer.

It can be used on all different types of leather items and is exceptional when used on car interiors and furniture around the home, office or in a bar.

The leather protection cream gives an added barrier of protection to all types of leather car interiors, helping to protect them against UV faiding and direct sun light.

You only require a small amount of leather protectors to protect your interior fully, can be used on all the seats, steering wheel, gear stick, handbrakes and door cards.

Our leather cleaners are gentle but yet very effective on dirt and grime that has built up over the years on your leather interior.

Its very important leather is kept clean and protected as teh dirt build up will act as a grinding tool in affect as you get in and out of the car the dirt will cause the leather to ware and then this will break down the surface coating requiring more costly work to be carried out, like colour loss repairs to bolsters and seat bases, in more extreme cases complete full leather car interior restorations