Glass Cleaner

Product Information

Tailord Glass

Glass Cleaner

This is our fantastic smear free galss cleaner, eco friendly, advanced formula,

producing perfect visibility for all driving conditions

a unique smear free finish every time

With our glass cleaner being an eco friendly product it puts us at the top of the leader in design and quality.

Wax Tailors, glass cleaner is strong on dirt, but yet gentle on your glass, producing the most amazing clear free glass you could ever possibly want.

The glass cleaner is perfect for all types of glass and mirrors and is safe on tinted windows as well.

Our glass cleaner can be used to clean head light glass, small mirrors in the car, and around the home

This is a perfect product to clean mobile phone screens, computer screens, laptop screens and so much more even those screens with a film protector applied its safe on those also.

With Tailored Glass being an Eco Friendly product it puts at the top with the market leaders, its a simple to use product, giving outstanding results every time without fail.

Simply spray on Tailored Glass and buff off, the results are amazing, crystal clear viewing once again thanks to a market leader