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Deep Shine & Protection With Wax Tailors Car Polish

From Liquid Waxes that produce a rock solid shield of protection to pure carnauba waxes that can protect your pride and joy.

Wax Tailor have produced some of the most amazing car waxes around today, able to produce a shine you can only dream about.

The depth of shine, clarity and protection Wax Tailor’s products provide are outstanding, the pictures below show a few vehicles and what can be achieved some just using the car shampoo’s we make today, the white Jaguar shows how good the depth of shine is from Opal Glow, leaving behind a protection barrier so tough it lasts and lasts for ages.

All Wax Tailor waxes, polishes protection against UV rays, acid rain, bird lime and more, giving you truly awesome protection all at affordable prices, trade prices direct to the public.

Now with Wax Tailors waxes and polishes its a dream come true.

Wax Tailor Car Polish VW T4 Front Wing   T4 2  Mercedes 500 Side View In Stunning Black  Car Polish Mercedes   jaguar 1 Jaguar 2 jaguar 3