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Wax Tailor Detailing Exterior Care Products

Wax Tailor is a highly professional company offering all types of exterior care products for your ride.

Its not just cars we love to look after, Wax Tailors care products are perfect for boats, motorcycles, pushbikes, planes and so much more, including gel coats.

From liquid waxes, that produce an extremely durable hard wearing finish to your paint work to pure carnauba waxes giving you the ultimate shield of protection and depth and clarity to your painted surfaces.

To awesome shampoo’s that not only clean effectively they produce a just waxed finish on your paint work, giving it such a big depth you would think its been waxed by hand or machine.

With astonishing instant detailers, Wax Tailor has everything covered, not just exterior care,  including your convertible roofs, clean them, protect them and dye them, we have the full package all at affordable prices

We have some truly amazing products to keep your allow wheels protected against brake dust build up and even products to put on your tyres and exterior plastic trim ensuring we care for your items fully.

Our latest additions are the convertible roof cleaners, these provide a truly amazing result, deep cleans the canvas, brightens the colour and leaves them feeling smooth, soft and luxurious.

All Exterior care Products Are Here

You can contact us to stock our products on 01482 976802