Wax Tailor Car Care Polishes Waxes & Cleaners

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Car Care by Wax Tailor.

Polishes Waxes & Cleaners

A new range of car care products

At Wax-Tailor car care we’re big into creating perfection in the reflection. Whether it’s on a car, motorbike, yacht, airplane, pushbike we just love to make it shine and look perfect . We’re obsessed with making the best innovative care products in the world. Like us, we want to help you, to keep your toys running at their maximum and making them look like new day in day out! After all Reflection Is Perfection©

All of Tax Tailor’s car care products are hand crafted in beautiful Yorkshire, only using the finest ingredients possible providing some awesome products for your ride, keeping it looking it’s best at all times.

We believe in making a difference with all our car care products. In our customers eyes, Wax Tailor car care stands for Value for money, Quality, Innovation, Fun, Friendly and a Sense of Competitive challenge. People expect extraordinary things from us, a fact which puts us in a unique position of trust and strength, but which also gives us a responsibility not to disappoint. Our group of companies are so well known means we no longer need to make promises, but we do. More importantly, we keep them!